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Smart is the new mainstream….If the message of 20 years ago was famously never over-estimate the intelligence of the public, I think the message of today should be never under-estimate the intelligence of the public.
Paul Lee, ABC Entertainment Group President

Agreed. Agreed. Agreed. Here’s the Deadline Article.


i’ve seen this like 900 times and it still makes me laugh

Twiiissst. Offf!

Breaking Bad withdrawals are kicking in.

Breaking Bad withdrawals are kicking in.


Tim Haverford in “Bowl”

“Indiana’s premiere fashion icon, Thomas Haverford, appeared on last night’s Parks and Rec with a Ryan Gosling-inspired Drive jacket, leading us to believe that 720 Entertainment may be back in business and filming a follow up to Gosling’s Oscar snubbed film”.

(source: tauntr)